Change the default priority names (Zendesk Classic)

I needed to keep the default priority menu but wanted to change the names of the prio.

Here is the code:


/* Original code from Skip Moore of Zendesk - [https://github.com/skipjac/zendesk-widgets](https://github.com/skipjac/zendesk-widgets)*/

$j( '#ticket_priority_id option[value=1]' ).text( 'G3' );

$j( '#ticket_priority_id option[value=2]' ).text( 'G2' );

$j( '#ticket_priority_id option[value=3]' ).text( 'G1' );

$j( '#ticket_priority_id option[value=4]' ).text( 'G0' );

/* Added this to display the correct priority name in the Views */

$j( 'span.priority_normal' ).replaceWith( 'G2' );

$j( 'span.priority_low' ).replaceWith( 'G3' );

$j( 'span.priority_high' ).replaceWith( 'G1' );

$j( 'span.priority_urgent' ).replaceWith( 'G0' );

Explanation: http://arnaud.detheux.org/blog/20/06/2012/zendesk-change-default-priority-names/ |


I published an update since the previous code removed the class completely. I personally have a custom CSS to see urgent tickets in red, for example.

With this new bit of code the priority classes are back.

Updated code is there: http://arnaud.detheux.org/blog/20/06/2012/zendesk-change-default-pr...


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