Schedule Zendesk tickets to send at a specific time



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    Jennifer Rowe

    Great tip! Thanks for posting it in our forums and for tweeting too!

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    Joshua Gordon

    I use Outlook's "Delay delivery" feature for this as well, and it's something that I make use of constantly. However, I was curious if there was any plan to build this functionality right in to zendesk so that from the web-version or iPad app we could submit a ticket with all the adjusted tags but have it post at a specified time?

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    Preston Farr

    This would indeed be a fantastic ability to schedule those ticket responses. 



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    Carol Fernandez

    I see the original post is from a few years ago but this is exactly what I'm looking for. Has this been implemented or is Zendesk considering it?

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    Menno Holtkamp (Edited )

    Just encountered this as well as a "nice to have" to get built in...

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    Anthony O

    I would love to have this option +bump!

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    David Stamm

    I work non-standard hours and I would much rather send the response during the next day's business hours.  So a delayed send would be ideal.  I don't want to be emailing in the wee hours of the morning.  I demo'd Hiver before coming to Zendesk and they had this feature.

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    Heather R

    +1 for native way to delay a comment/update in Zendesk. We know what you mean by "eureka moments" but do not wish to unintentionally give our customers hope that we will respond to inquiries/issues outside normal business hours.

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