Schedule Zendesk tickets to send at a specific time

This might come in handy for those of you who work outside of hours like me.

From time to time I find myself thinking of a problem after hours and when I have that eureka moment I like to get the ticket solved & out of the queue, but at the same time I dont necessarily want the user to see that it was answered at 11pm

I use a combination of google apps for email, boomerang for gmail ( http://www.boomeranggmail.com/ ) to schedule the tickets and zendesk's mail API to set tags and status etc

So I reply to the ticket via email, schedule to send it and the relevant time and more on.

Some screenshots of what I created are in this link http://alanconroy.clarify-it.com/d/wrnxm6

There is also an outlook version of boomerang if you dont use gmail/google apps


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    Great tip! Thanks for posting it in our forums and for tweeting too!

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    I use Outlook's "Delay delivery" feature for this as well, and it's something that I make use of constantly. However, I was curious if there was any plan to build this functionality right in to zendesk so that from the web-version or iPad app we could submit a ticket with all the adjusted tags but have it post at a specified time?

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    This would indeed be a fantastic ability to schedule those ticket responses. 



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    I see the original post is from a few years ago but this is exactly what I'm looking for. Has this been implemented or is Zendesk considering it?

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    Just encountered this as well as a "nice to have" to get built in...

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