GitZen: Dashboard for Github Issues integration


Your development team uses Github for issue tracking, but your customer support
team uses Zendesk for ticket management. They're both awesome at what they do,
but this means you have two sets of people (development and support) using two
different tools. This communication burden is no bueno, as both groups miss out
on valuable information. GitZen to the rescue!

GitZen is your one-stop dashboard for viewing and managing associations between
Zendesk tickets (user-facing and probably linked to specific customers who requested
the change) and Github Issues (developer-facing and generally technical).
Simply add a custom field in Zendesk with the Github ticket number plus a
product\_enhancement tag, and you can quickly see the status of all tickets
and their associated Github issue. Fundamentally, GitZen is a communication
tool between your support team, your development team and your customers.

GitZen is designed to be quickly and cheaply (free) deployed on Heroku, so why
not give it a spin?


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