How to collapse categories (Web portal)

We are using a lot of different categories in our forum. And now it looks like a mess =)

For helping users to navigate I'm developed a widget which adding collapsing feature.


  1. For each category widget adds a "[-]" button for collapsing. When category collapsed button changes to "[+]"

  2. State "collapsed / restored" saves personally for each user in cookies.

Note: Works only for logged-in users. (deprecated)

How it looks you can see at screenshot in attachment (color stripes from other CSS widget, not from script)

To enable

  1. Add Global Javascript extension

  2. Insert script below

UPDATED at 20 March 2013 (see comments below or forget and just grab a code :) )

Just use the last version of script https://gist.github.com/Mikhail-Zakharov/3465257

Or great fork from Richard Morrison:

  1. option to have categories collapsed by default
  2. when reloading pages, I don't like animations to trigger at page load.  I'm happy for them to occur on clicks but I dislike pages that "twitch" as they load



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