Out of Office Trigger

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else. I searched but didn't see it anywhere.

We have created the below trigger that we set (per agent) when he/she is out of the office. It notifies the rest of the team when a customer has commented on a ticket so that someone can intervene and respond. This works well for unexpected sick days when you don't have time to go through all of that agents non urgent tickets.

Meet All of the following conditions:

Assignee is Agent A

Ticket is Updated

Current user is (end-user)

Meet Any....

leave blank

Perform these actions:

Email group = Support (what we call our default support team)

Email subject: "Agent A'sTicket {{ticket.id}} Has Been Updated"

Email body:

Hi guys,

{{ticket.assignee.first_name}} is out of the office and one of his tickets has been updated. Can you check it out?

The details are below:



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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

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    Hi Dave, 

    Thanks for sharing this is just what we needed. 



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    this trigger needs to be enabled/disabled manually per agent?

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    Unfortunately yes, Tonmoy. I haven't been able to come up with an easier way of doing it.

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    One, perhaps 'easier', way is to create view that will show all the open tickets for agents that are Out of Office. This way you don't have to have a trigger per agent. For our agents it just means monitoring this view.


    View name: "Absent agents - please check"

    Meet all of the following conditions:

    • Ticket: Status is less than solved

    • Ticket: Status is not pending

    Meet any of the following conditions:

    • Ticket: Assignee is [name of agent]

    • [add the above condition for each absent agent]


    Hope it helps :)



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    There is an Out of Office app available today in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. 

    Read the announcement here

    Check out the documentation here


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