Route Emails Based on Company Domain Using Triggers And Groups

We like to route our emails internally based on what the requesting domain was. This is great for IT companies, or for those who service multiple types of fields. For example, if you have a client who purchases web software from you, you may wish to add a tag to a specified feedback tab signifying that, or create a group that includes their email domain (@somewhere.com). Then set up a trigger to forward to the correct person in your organization.

If a big company uses you for support, you may want to route your clients' employees support requests to their manager via a trigger, then once the manager accepts or denies the request, another trigger can put it into your open ticket box.

This is just a way that we like to route tickets internally.


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    I second this. I'd love to route our internal domain emails automatically.

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    Jason your best way to do this is to create a different email address for each domain.

    For example, if your company is itsupport.com and you service client1 and client2 create an email address client1help@itsupport.com and client2help@itsupport.com. Now give each client there respectable support email address for them to email you issues about. Now you can create triggers based on those email addresses. If an email comines in from client1help@itsupport.com do this and that. Same for client2help@itsupport.com.

    That is what we have done in the past, hope it helps.

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