Don’t sweat for tech: make customer service skills your hiring priority


  • Worldwide101

    This is awesome Ben, and so right on! I have found that skills, while important, are only secondary. Great customer support staff are by far those that are committed to learning new skills and exhibit an attitude of service, no matter what the situation. It's their boundless enthusiasm that will propel your company to #1 for its outstanding customer skills. 

  • Jonathan Morin

    I totally agree and i stand beside you on this subject.

    I have both of the skill (Technical and Customer care ). But sometime, the Tech side of me take the advantage and you have just remind me how much the customer experience and satisfaction could have huge impact in the customer perception. I needed it because some time when you're in the storm you forget to see that you are working with humans and humans have emotions and emotions are part of the resolution path and they have the same importance as the problems.

  • Mike Cardona

    Great post Ben, totally agree. 


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