Managing multiple spoke helpdesks from a single hub


  • James Koons

    Hi Matt

    The following article i just posted maybe of help as we manage all our work from the hub account and have different spokes that feed in

  • Alex Chandra

    Hey, is there any guideline for adding a new spoke?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Alex - 

    We've moved fully away from hub & spoke and no longer support it. Everything has been migrated to our Multibrand solution at this point. 

    Some community members may have input for you, otherwise I'd suggest looking into the Multibrand option to see if that's something that might work for you. 


  • Daniel Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Alex, I recently had to add a spoke to our hub for licensing purposes. I was able to create a new instance through a trial and give my account rep a heads up to pull that spoke into our hub. If you have the chance to do multi-brand I’d recommend it over hub and spoke (especially if the hubs/spokes are talking with each other).  

    For my team, it’s just a licensing quirk to stay on hub/spoke otherwise we’d probably have multi brand now ourselves. 


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