How to email ticket info automatically to Non-Agents


  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello David,

    Those replies CAN be threaded to the ticket though - I've done it. So the risk of abuse is real if it allows full functionality.

    Make the third party an agent and you'll be away. you could add light agents for this.  

    Oh, another option we've utilised, get the third party set up on a low value Zendesk plan, and share the ticket to them.

    Another option, create a linked ticket and make this other person the requester, then paste the whole ticket stream for them. When they update with info, put this info on the parent ticket.



  • David Scczerak

    Hi Andrew,

    That's really quite interesting, as I've tried in the past to create a workflow that would allow CC's to reply into ticket threads with no success. Granted, it's been a few years since I tried, so perhaps things have changed. Would you mind walking me through the steps to implement threaded CC replies?


    I'd be happy to try to duplicate tickets, and more than happy in fact, since separating engineer/programmer comments from possible customer viewing is a positive good in my eyes. But I know of no automation etc that can do a copy/paste operation... so that's still a manual operation, so no benefit over forwarding emails.

    Regarding light agents, I recall the price point for that is something like 250 per month... which is just about the same as what our entire 5 person organization is running altogether right now, so, not really an option).


    The low value zendesk option I've never heard of. I see some plans starting at 5$ per month, which would likely be something our ceo etc would be okay with paying for our consulting entities. Can you talk a bit about how that option would work?

    Thanks for listing some options, not everyone takes the time for that.

  • Darren Taylor

    Might sound silly, but once the ticket comes into Zendesk its "unassigned" what action do I use to forward the ticket onto the external email (email target)? How do you assign it to the email target? I've tried running the macro but when I Submit as solved I get an error saying an assignee is required.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Darren - 

    The steps in the original post above outline what you need to do in order to notify the external email of the ticket. 

    You cannot assign the ticket to an external email; tickets can only be assigned to Agents in your Zendesk. This is why you're receiving an assignment error for the macro. You can use this to notify external individuals and pass ticket info to them, but you cannot use it to assign things to them. 


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