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    Two new Insights tips were just added:

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    Just in--a new Insights custom report tip!

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    Two new Insights custom report tips:

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    A new Insights custom report tip:

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    There are two reports I am most interested in creating in Insights.  With the introduction of Insights, I understand it is now possible to report on ticket backlogs week over week.  We have several different groups in our Zendesk. I want to show a report which has a graph of the weekly trend of unsolved tickets for each group.

    The second report I am looking to create would show a list of all open Problem tickets with the number of linked incidents for each problem..

    Any guidance on how to create this in insights would be greatly appreciated.


    Also, accessing Insights from within the Zendesk agent interface takes me to a view only dashboard. I dont find any of these reports particularly useful for my organization.  Is it possible for me to create a new dashboard which is view able by all my agents?

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    Hi Tonmoy,

    Thanks for sharing you Insights report wishes here. :) Hopefully someone from the community will be able to point you in the right direction.

    As for adding a dashboard, you can definitely do that. Instructions are here.



    If there are custom reports you want to build, but aren't sure how to, post your custom report wish list here!

    Maybe someone in the community has done what you want and would be willing to share it in our Tips forum. (Remember, you get swag when you share a custom report tip!)

    Also, we're curious to know about the custom reports you want. We'll be sharing more recipes for custom reports in the future, so make sure you post your ideas here!

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    Hi Jennifer, 

    Thanks for your response.  I'm all for the community aspect here . However, I'm under pressure to produce reports which are crucial to our day-to-day support operations. Unfortunately, I can't wait for assistance from someone in the user community.  I did not participate in the Insights trial, and when the cut-over to Insights happened, I did not feel well prepared to utilize the new capabilities.  Is there a way I can have a conversation, either with yourself or someone from Zendesk\GoodData about how I can leverage Insights most effectively for my organization?  

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    Hi Tonmoy,

    I hear you. Our support team monitors the forums so they might be able to help you, if the community can't. You can also file a ticket to get help. Our support teams do not build custom reports for customers, but they can usually give enough guidance to get you going. 

    As for getting more info about using Insights effectively, we have had some free webinars (I don't see any currently scheduled, but I will check to see if more are coming) and we have fee-based training (search for Insights here: https://university.zendesk.com).

    Hope that helps!

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    Our support team does not follow a single-agent ticket-ownership model. We offer support 24/7, and our back-end system is set up so that when one agent is out of the office, other agents will be alerted and able to take over if the customer replies.

    One set of metrics that we have desperately needed is a more detailed report of multi-touch tickets. With Advanced Analytics, I am only able to get a report of which agents solved tickets and how many one-touch solves we’ve had. This doesn’t really provide any useful information since the majority of our tickets are collaborative efforts.  What I’ve really needed to see is the number of tickets each agent has actually touched.

    Recently, I have created an agent touch recording system that is built into our back-end system. This is a manual tagging system, but there is too much room for error since accuracy depends on whether or not an agent tags his-/herself. Are there any reports in Insights that I can use to retrieve specific multi-touch numbers per agent without having to add the extra step of tagging?

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    Hi Christell,

    I'm very interested to learn how you set up the agent out of office alerting system. Is this something you've built into Zendesk itself?


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    @Christell, the new Insights reporting will allow you to get the report you are looking for. I know someone posted a really good tip on the forums on how to create such a report but I am struggling to find it currently but this article does something along the same lines: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/communities/public/posts/203459906-How-to-see-Tickets-I-ve-Worked-


    @Tonmey, Zendesk does not have this but you could either create a trigger that can be easily enabled when someone is out of the office or use this suggestions: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/communities/public/posts/203459796-Identify-repeated-customer-updates-on-a-ticket


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    @Colin, thanks for your help. I'll give this a try and see how it works for us.


    @Tonmoy, we did not do this through ZD. We pump our tickets through Atlassian Jira for various reasons. All of our triggers are set up through there.

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    New Insights tip from moderator Graeme:

    Showing the last ticket update time in Insights 

    Check it out!

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    A new Insights tip! And the first one from Ravi. Thanks, Ravi!

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    Hi there.  We would like to report on the number of users that opened tickets in a specific time period.  

    For example, In March we had 500 tickets opened by 450 users.  Is there a way to see this?

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    Hi Matthew, 

    You can create a custom metric that will count all the users that submitted a ticket and then use the metric in a report using a Date (Ticket created) filter to set the time period for the creation dates of the tickets. 

    Your custom metric will look like this: 

    SELECT COUNT (User, Ticket Id) WHERE User Role = End-user



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    Thanks Jenny.

    I created this metric and added it to a report with total number of tickets.  I filtered it so it only shows tickets for last month.  This is what was generated:  

    From what I understand, there were 1,122 total tickets last month, but only 973 were from different users.  This means that we had 973 unique users open tickets?

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    Is none of the community data available via insights?  It seems I'm limited to the Community and Search tabs under the reporting section for any sort of community metrics but I'd like to dig much deeper into community activity from my end-users.  Is this in the works or am I missing something obvious here?  I won't lie, I'm a ZD reporting newb!

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    That metric isn't counting the number of tickets - it's counting the number of unique users. That means for April you had 1122 tickets created by 973 different users.



    Unfortunately right now the only reporting for the Help Center can be found in the Knowledge Base, Community, and Search native dashboards. If you need additional reporting functionality you can use Google Analytics. We're working on adding additional reporting capabilities to Insights in the future but right now these are your only options.

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    Why does the Overview page report different created and solved ticket numbers than the insights page?

    From Roberto Aiello (Zendesk Support)

    Here are a few things to consider when looking at this particular issue:

    -The purpose of the reporting dashboard is to give you a general overview of the health of your Zendesk. If you're looking for more granular reporting capabilities, you'll have to create reports with either the reporting tool or GoodData's reporting tool.

    -The way the reporting dashboard works is that it collects data in an incremental matter. This is why it's not the best tool to report with. What this means is that it simply adds data to its reports; it will never delete or re-write existing data. This is a cause for the discrepancy. If you have deleted tickets, the tickets will still count in the reporting dashboard, but Insights will factor this in.

    -Another discrepancy comes from re-opens. If a ticket is solved in the previous month, and then re-opened and solved in the current month, on the reporting dashboard, you will not get a solve for the current month, but rather only for the previous month. The logic behind this is that each ticket can only be solved once, so once a ticket is marked as solved, the reporting dashboard flags it as already been solved, so if it re-opens and solved again, that solve won't count again.




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    A new Insights tip! Thanks, Joel!

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    New Insights use case tip:

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    Would somebody be able to help me create a custom metric that allows us to list Ticket IDs, who the assignee is (that's optional) and the first reply time? I would like to be able to adjust the time frame that these tickets are listed, as well. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Hi Sarah! Fortunately, you don't need any custom metrics for this type of report. You should be able to get the results you need from default options:

    • Under WHAT, choose First Reply Time (min) [Mdn]
    • Under HOW, choose Ticket Id and Ticket Assignee -- Make sure both have the little "L" selected
    • Under FILTER, choose a "List of Values" and select a ticket date range, like Date (Ticket Created) or Week (Sun-Sat)/Year (Ticket Solved)

    This should make a chart that lists each ticket by ID number with its assignee and first reply time in minutes, within a specified date range.

    There are a lot of ways to elaborate on a report like this. These options are just a basic starting point. Happy Reporting!

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    Hi all, 

    Our customer needs to be sent a quarterly report with the following info: 

    Number of requests for support, by Severity:
    Number cleared
    Number and status of those outstanding:
    Average time to respond by Severity:
    Average time to resolve by Severity:
    We already have set the following: 
    1. The `Organisation' 
    2. Business hours & holidays. ( Is there a way that we can have the tickets counted within business hours before we set them?)
    3. We do a First Response just a few minutes after the ticket is received. But we do not want that response counts as a `First Response' in the Response Time. So, how could we measure the average time to respond by severity? 
    4. `Full Resolution Time' is from the ticket is created until it is solved. Does it the time that the ticket has been in Pending count? 
    5. Is there a way we can send automatically these reports? 


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    Is there a way to pull IDs for linked JIRA tickets? I see "Ticket External ID" but that doesn't pull the info I'm looking for.

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    Hey Miriam,


    I think I have what you're looking for here.  If you'd like to schedule Reports to go out to your End Users, here's the documentation:



    Let us know if you have any questions and if we can be of further assistance.


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    Hi there,

    We have two new-ish Insight tips, from our "What did you do last year" promotion. Thanks, Kristin and David


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    Hi All,

    Does anyone have any suggestions for creating a report that gives the number of tickets which have been solved within 14 days (336 hours)? I can get # hours to solve, but can't seem to filter it only by tickets what were solved within 14 days.



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