Change text for "My Activities" in HC


  • Emily Coleman
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    It doesn't look like that code works anymore (at least with the Copenhagen Theme), so for anyone still running into this problem, I found this works!

     $('.nav-wrapper .dropdown-menu .my-activities').html('See my tickets');
  • Jessie Schutz
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    Thanks for sharing, Emily!

  • Suman Saha
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    Hi Team,

    Sorry for being naive ... I'm new to Zendesk...I'm trying to follow the steps here... but wondering what exactly you are pointing as JS tab? When I click on View Theme --> Edit Code I see something like below...

    I understand that the .hbs file refers to different pages/sections of the Help Center applications...and we got the script.js file....I don't see any thing specific as JS tab...can anybody please help me..

    Many Thanks


  • Jennifer Rowe
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    Sorry for the confusion, Suman.

    There used to be a JS tab, but now it's a file. Edit the script.js file.

    Hope that helps! We'll update the instructions above.


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