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  • Fernando Duarte

    Great article Tom!

    Thanks for sharing

  • Diana Langston

    Hi Tom, 

    Thanks for sharing!

    Can you expand on the smart mapping between the product and articles? How are you doing this mapping?

    "So depending where you are in the dotMailer platform, you’ll find our Assistance icon which pops up content related to what you’re currently working on. So when working on segmentation you get segmentation articles, and when using our new automation interface you get articles relevant to that. This content is presented in a simple, de-cluttered interface, rather than taking the user to the support center itself."

    The example screenshot looks like it one article displays. Is that always the case, or are there times where you display a few options related to the topic a user can choose from?

    Also, how is the app determining which content to roll up from a specific product page?
    What is the mapping between the product and the app to know what content to roll up when?

    Is it all based on tagging of the articles, or are you manually assigning articles to pop up from a specific location in the product?



  • Diana Langston

    Also, is the experience different on desktop versus mobile (phone or tablet)? Did you make adjustments to the experience accommodate for different devices?


  • Stoo Gill

    Hi Diana,

    (I just stumbled back across this article as we're looking at upgrading our knowledge base mappings shortly.)

    Yep - we also sometimes show a list of articles where there is more than one possible article. We also include a 'search' at the bottom of the article for if you didn't find what you're looking for. I've attached a screenshot of the list view (although the actual design will change very soon).

    The search facility is all done using the Zendesk API, so we don't need to do any re-indexing of content or tags to return the correct results.

    We initially hard coded the link between each page and the relevant Zendesk article ID; however now we've built a back-end interface for our documentation writers to manage it more easily (screenshot attached). This is all a manual process, rather than automated.

    We don't currently do a different interface for different devices, as our core use case is for desktop users who will have the help article and our application open in two different windows on a desktop PC or laptop. If your content has no large images or tables, the wysiwyg editor for Zendesk will produce articles which are responsive automatically, otherwise you might have to do something clever with the CSS to make it handle the articles nicely.


    Product Manager | dotMailer


  • Diana Langston

    Hi Stoo, 

    Thanks for this additional info. It is very helpful. I'll circle back if I have more questions. 

    I like the easy interface you built for writers to manage the mapping. 






  • Chris Duell Co-Founder

    We've put a web app together that achieves something quite similar, but with everything done in the background for you, all you need to do is create an account and authorise access to your zendesk account (which is as simple as clicking a button to allow access), then you can display your whole knowledge-base inside a tab on all pages of your site.

    I've put together some details of this here:


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