Driving self-service without Community involvement


  • Wes Drury

    @Dee - Just something to note here as myself and other companies do not use the mobile site as we've made our Help Center sites responsive so that if someone pulls up our HelpCenter then our mobile site and regular site still looks almost the same.  We prefer our mobile site to be branded which you can't really do with the default Zendesk mobile.  Just wanted to add this as with the right design you can have the best of both worlds :-)  Great article and thanks for sharing.

  • @Wes - I love that! Thank you for sharing. :)

    Sadly, we have not yet transitioned over to Help Center (we are just a few days away though!) so I was unaware of those juicy details. Thanks again, and I can't wait for everyone on a mobile device to benefit from an improved Parkmoble-branded look and feel when we make the move to the Help Center format. 


  • Jessie Schutz

    @Dee - Thanks for the great article! I think this is going to be really helpful for users who are intimidated by the self-service concept. Fabulous!

    @Wes - Do you think maybe you could post some links to the stuff you've written on making the Help Center responsive here in the comments? I'm sure that some folks reading this will share your preference and would find that info helpful.

    Thanks again guys! So awesome!

  • Wes Drury

    @Jessie - Not a problem

    Here are some links to Responsive Design, along with links to my free themes which are responsive.

    All community tips can be found here:

  • Sam Chandler

    @Dee - Thanks so much for the tips! Not only are they helpful to the Zendesk ecosystem, but you'd be surprised at how many other aspects of your business can be improved by following the same guidelines (ex: content audits and optimized customer interfaces). I share ParkMobile's best practices with all my colleagues regardless of whether they use ZD or not!

  • Federico Olmus

    Great tips, thanks for sharing!


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