(Please read) How to give us feedback about the Apps beta

Feedback during the beta stage is very important for us. We want to hear what you have to say about the Lotus beta, because ultimately we're building this for you.

Below, you can find out about the various ways of giving us feedback as well as some guidelines.

Different ways to give us feedback

This forum is probably the best place. We'd like to try and keep feedback as social and collaborative as possible. It's where we can answer the most amount of questions or comments so that everyone can see and benefit from it. That said, there are some suggested guidelines.

Suggested guidelines for giving feedback

We value your feedback, no matter what it is. We encourage you to tell us what you like, dislike, and where you could see improvements. We'd like to see a healthy forum for discussion, but we can't do that without just a little bit of effort from everyone. 

Here's a couple of pointers that will really help us understand your feedback and work with you to make the Lotus beta even better:

  • When you see something you dislike, or see something you'd like improved, write it down and think about it for a little while. Apps are a change from the existing product, and change is often hard for people. I'll be the first to admit I call out the Facebook re-designs every time they happen... until I use it for more than 5 minutes.
  • Try to be as clear as possible in your feedback; explain why you like/dislike something, and how it could be improved. If you can do screenshots easily, we'd love to see them.
  • Be patient when waiting for responses from Zendesk.
  • Don't use sarcasm, be rude to other customers or staff, and don't use strong language. We will moderate forum posts where we think reasonable. 

Ultimately, we want the feedback forums to be a place where any customer can come and give feedback. 


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