Can we get an example App



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    Finley Lee

    I'd like to see an example app also.  I'm trying to get a basic hello world app working, and I only see 'There are no Apps installed for this account', despite that I do have my app installed.  I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the problem without more information.

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    Sebastiaan Wijchers

    As provided by Jake in another topic:  

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    Nicu Listana

    Hi everyone, I managed to finish a very simple Hello World App. 
    If anyone is interested, it's attached in this post. 


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    Jake Holman

    Thanks Nicu.

    I spent some time this morning re-writing the example app that we supply in the documentation. I removed as much as I could in order to just show two examples in the app:

    1. Retrieving and displaying data
    2. Posting data to an external service

    We want to try to avoid a "Hello World" app if we can. We believe that the hello world example is always way too simplistic, and doesn't even give you an idea of what 10% of the framework can do. We also wanted to make sure we show people how to do the two main use cases we see in custom widgets today, which was the bullets I outlined earlier.

    While the example app we use in the documentation can look complex, we base the entire getting started guide on it. We hope that by the end of the getting started guide, you'll understand what the example app does and at a basic level how the app does it.

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    @Nicu - I would say your next step would be to move that Hello World string to a translation or save it as an App setting so the user can change the greeting!

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    Where is this example app that "posts to an external service" ? The only one I have found is the Bookmarks app and it does nothing external from what I can see.


    Also, I have not been able to send any POST data at all. Likely due to XSS limitaions. Is there a way to utilize jsonp for these instances?


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    dev acct

    Nicu, I found your example app very helpful. 

    With the sample app / zip file in the tutorial (the bookmarks app), if I unzipped it and then rezipped it the new zip file could not be loaded by Zendesk. With your example file that problem went away.

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    Charles Nadeau

    Update: We posted a 5-part tutorial series that teaches you how to build a working Zendesk app from scratch. It starts here:

    Building your first Zendesk app

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