Converting Widgets into Apps for Lotus

Hi there,

we are currently evaulating the new lotus interface and we like it.

We have created a simple widget in the ols interface, how can we use it in Lotus?

Is there a possibility to convert the widget into an app?


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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your question. Glad to hear you like Lotus! I'm going to move your question to the Lotus apps forum so that you might be able to get more help.

    But to answer your question--you can convert your widgets, but there isn't an automatic way to do it. We are working on a doc that explains the new framework and how to migrate existing widgets. It will be available in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we have a getting started doc for apps that you might want to check out.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Thanks, Jennifer

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    We have widgets to move too, and dont havethe kind of programming experience on our team needed to write a standalone app (not at this point - teach me and I will!)

    Looking forward to any help or instructionals.

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    Hey guys,

    The migrating doc is ready! Check out Migrating widgets to apps.

    Be sure to post questions in this forum (Zendesk Apps forum) so you can get help if you need it! Let us know how it goes!

    Thanks! Jennifer

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    Hi Andrew,

    I guess I'm late with my link--looks like you've already gotten help from our support team! Glad you are (hopefully) figuring out what you need to do. If you have any tips for other users trying to convert widgets, we'd love for you to post them in this forum! Good luck!

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    Not sure that I have time to learn all the programming skills needed for this... I suspect we are not the only team with limited programming skills... I mean (JavaScript (intermediate),   AJAX, JSON, HTML (basic), CSS (basic))

    We didnt need this in Classic Zendesk, so its hard to understand why the new version should be more techo.  How about an App builder?

    Another limitation is that the shortcut apps are not group specific... we really need this functionality to get the most of New Zendesk.

    ANyway - I really like New Zendesk its a much better framework, burt please dont make all the options inaccessible to normal people (ie. non-coders)

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    I hear you. I think the idea was to make it more powerful for the technical people who could do more. But I understand that's not everyone. There should be more "canned" apps coming along, and we hope that users start sharing apps. So hopefully more options are coming.

    In the meantime, there are a couple of internal people and a few external people who keep an eye on this forum and are pretty good at helping, if you can get some basic code down... Good luck Oh, if you have ideas about specific resources (videos, more example, etc) that would help you, post it as a topic in this forum.

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    Hi Andrew!

    Are there any widgets in particular that you'd like to see converted into apps?

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    @devaris - We have a widget that grabs data from the ticket form and creates a hyperlink to the page relating to this data in 4 different systems.  Data is a number/character set (eg. 900123 or 80091234 or L9E200555), and becomes a component of a hyperlink as in http://test.com/ourpage/data.php?data=80091234

    Any thoughts?


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    @Andrew we're working on an app that will let you do those sorts of substitutions very easily. You'll simply configure it with something like

    Foo System: https://foo.example.com/data.php?data={{ticket.id}} Bar System: https://example.com/bar/L9E{{ticket.id}}Z.html Baz System: https://baz.example.com/baz/{{ticket.requester.id}}

    We don't have an estimate for when that will be ready.

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    Thanks James.  Great Stuff!  Some ETA would be nice though...

    The group or personal Apps is also a real need it would be nice to see a timeline on.


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    Hey Andrew,


    I had the same requirement as you have. I attached you my solution, take a look at it, it's almost as easy as a helloworld :)

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    @lukas, thankyou, I can see how that will help.  Just have to figure out how to modify it to suit our needs.  Thanks for the input!

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    Hi Lukas, thanks so much for posting this--awesome! I think other users would like this too. Would you mind posting it as a new topic in this forum to make it easier for people to find? Thanks!!

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    You're welcome, I created a new post for it.

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    Hello Lucas, can you link to the post you creasted please?


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    Hi Andrew,


    I get the feeling you are digging into writing apps. If you need any specific pointers on where to get started submit a ticket and I can point you to a webinar that might help. 

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    Hello Adam,

    I do not have the time to learn the skills needed.  I have limited html, php and css skills (ex-wordpress modification and Zendesk mods), however if there was a repository of //commented// samples, I might be able to mod them to suit.

    The Apps I have tried to not seem to come with info on how they need to be modified for use.

    Might I suggest an App directory (I am shamelessly thinking of the WP plugin directory) with a controlled layout, so that instal/mod notes are included... maybe no-one would use it???

    You could even consider allowing your community App developers to list a 'donate' or even charge for Apps - this would encourage greater useability, commenting, better instructions etc...


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    Maybe I'll have a look at your webinar though :-)

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    I think this is the webinar Adam is referring too--unless we've done another once since this one, which is possible. Either way, hopefully this will help.

    Watch "Creating Apps in the new Zendesk agent interface" on-demand

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    @Andrew I have good news! We've just announced that many of our pre-built apps are available as open-source projects on GitHub. Please see the announcement for more details.

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    Hello...I see this was pretty in depth and 2 years ago, but I was hoping someone would have some information that might my team as well.

    I would like to convert the Widget "This Week's Top Performer's" into an App for Lotus. It motivated our team when it was visible in Classic, I would like to have that set up in the Lotus when we convert everyone in the office.

    Is this a possibility? If so, can someone guide me on this please?

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    Hi Angel!

    Once you get over to Lotus, you'll be able to see your top agent performers from your Native Reporting Dashboard. Just click on the Reporting icon (the little bar graph in the lower left corner), and in the bottom right corner of that first dashboard you'll be able to see your top agents by Solves, Satisfaction, and Touches. You can also view your top agent groups! All of your agents will be able to access this information.

    Hope that helps!

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