Make "Title*" a fixed\static value as defined by App's en.json value for "app.name" ?


Is there way to override the user's ability to enter or modify of "Title" upon a developer's upload of App zipped package, or upon agent user's install of App from Lotus' browse, and "Title" would show a static value provided by en.json's value of "app.name" ?

I would prefer that the user of our Lotus App NOT to be able to set the "Title" upon installation based upon branding issues.


Jeff in Seattle

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    It's important that help desk admins be able to set an installation name because there might be multiple installations of any app. Even if singleInstall is true , the account might have multiple inactive installations. The installation names help the admins and agents remember which installation does what.

    If you want to show something else on the app itself, you certainly can. Just put it in your layout.

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