Accessing ticket field external_id from Apps

Hi Zendesk.

I'm currently creating an App that I want to fetch data from our local application based on a linked resource ID added in the ticket field called external_id.

But this field doesn't seem to be exposed in the App ticket data API.
At least I have failed to find any reference to it.

Is there a way to access this field from within the App API?

Best regards,
Thomas Balsløv.


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    Hi, Thomas. The data API doesn't yet have access to the external_id . We'll add it in the future. In the meantime, please take a look at this tip I just posted to the forum.

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    Hi James.

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately that doesn't help me.

    What I want is to add arbitrary external resource ID's to a ticket (either at creation or later update).

    I then want to use those ID's to fetch external data that matches that particular ticket and show it in an App.
    The external ID's can point to more than one ticket.
    I was hoping to use the external_id field because that would simplify and speed up things a lot for me.

    I'll go for reversing things and store the matching ticket ID and resource ID inside our own app, thus just use the ticket ID to look up related data.


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