Tip: fetch missing data via the HTTP API

If you find yourself trying to get some data about a Zendesk object that isn't available from the Apps data API, you can use the HTTP API to fetch it. For example, in a ticket_sidebar app, you can get the requester's external_id as follows:

(function() { return { requests: { fullUserData: function(userID) { return { url: '/api/v2/users/' + userID + '.json', dataType: 'json' } } },

events: { 'app.activated': function() { this.ajax( 'fullUserData', this.ticket().requester().id() ); },

'fullUserData.done': function(data) { this.switchTo('someTemplate', { external_user_id: data.user.external_id }); } } }; }());

There are no corresponding data events for "non-native" data.


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