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So, Zendesk have rolled out the new interface but haven't provided for compatibility with old extensions which means we're stuck using the old interface.  I have a really simple extension which I want to convert to an App but simply don't have the time to read through all the App docs and it seems horribly over complicated for what I want to do.  Here's the code for my app:

<a href="http://bla.bla.com/page.php?email={{requester.email}}" target="\_rego">Check Customer</a>

That is it!

Can anyone help convert that to a new app?  All it needs to do is take the ticket requester's email and open a link in a new tab using that URL. Simples, no?  


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    Hey Marcus, give it a few days and we'll release a "text app" which will allow you to do just this, including the placeholder support.

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    Hi, Jake, the "Text App" does not accept HTML Tags, Why?

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    @Jorge: We generally want to move away from just being able to throw HTML into Zendesk. It has some pretty bad consequences, _particularly _in the new Zendesk, which is 95% JavaScript.

    What I'd eventually like the Text app to allow is full Markdown - which would allow you to safely and easily put in bolds, italic, lists, images, links, etc.

    The current version doesn't have that, but it will soon.

    It will, however, auto link URL so putting in http://bla.bla.com/page.php?email={{ticket.requester.email}} will actually work (including expanding the placeholder)

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    I saw the note saying no html too and was disappointed because I need to make a link with a target attribute. Doing as Jake suggests above will just lead to new tabs/windows opening each time.

    However, it turns out you CAN add html. A simple anchor tag worked anyway. So I could replicate my widget exactly.

    The instructions need correcting.

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    I'm afraid that may have been a bug. It's now been rectified. The instructions state that no HTML can be used, so the instructions were correct, but the app seemed to be allowing it incorrectly.

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    Sigh.  Well luckily support wrote an app for me which closely resembles the old widget although I had to tweak it to add the target attribute.

    I'm not sure I'm sold on the new interface, especially in regards to apps.  I now have to click "Apps" to get to my widget, or waste a lot of screen space and make the ticket rather narrow by keeping the Apps bar open, whereas before the widget appeared beneath the user's info thus wasting no extra space, and only requiring one click to use it.

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