Bug: Updating Ticket's comment via Lotus App's Ajax call fails




I am wanting to update a ticket's comments through the Lotus App using an Ajax call by following the aforementioned reference.

  1. In providing within request data = "comment: { public: " fails JSHint

Upload Error

         JSHint error(s): L619: Expected an identifier and instead saw 'public' (a reserved word).

  1. Request: Maybe rename comment's public: to either public_reply: or internal_note: so upload will pass JSHint.

  2. In making the request (without public attribute in comment JSON body) it fails

Here is the function making the PUT request to update the ticket:

putTicketComment: function(data) { var currentAccount = this.currentAccount(); var ticket = this.ticket(); var subdomain = currentAccount.subdomain(); var id = ticket.id(); var url = 'https://%@.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/%@.json'.fmt(subdomain, id) return { url: url, type: 'PUT', dataType: 'JSON', data: data }; }

And here is the code calling putTicketComment with defined data (notice that I commented out public: to pass JSHint at upload:

var data = { ticket: { status: ticket.status(), comment: { // public : true, value: 'Hello, World!!!' } } }; this.ajax('putTicketComment', data);

The failure response to 'putTicketComment.fail' was as follows:

Put ticket comment failed:

    jqXHR = {    status: 200,    statusText: OK,    responseText: Invalid URL parameter    },

    textStatus = parsererror

So, error is with the provided data, because my built url looks okay:

  url = https://jeff00tangocard.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/5.json

Thanks for your assistance,

  • Jeff


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