Zendesk User Data App

This is an enhancement request for the User Data App. I would like the ability to edit the user or merge the user from within the app. This would allow me to take voice-mail tickets and quickly associate them to an email user or add the email address to the user assigned to the phone number.


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    Hi Jesse

    Editing and merging isn't planned for now, but please post it as a feature request on our feature requests forums and try to get exposure on your idea: https://support.zendesk.com/forums/1848-Feature-Requests



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    Thanks for the quick response, I've re-posted in the appropriate forum. 

    Should I also request a feature allowing you to move posts from one forum to another? ;) Just kidding, have a great weekend!


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    haha good one Jesse :) 

    We actually have that feature but only admins and agents can, end users can't. I didn't want to move it because I didn't want to offend you until you read my message.

    I'm going to close this entrie for comments

    Have a good day!


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