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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    We received an update from the product team on 2/19, their comment is down on page 5 of the comments. Thought I would re-post as an official comment as well: 

    "Hey, I wanted to update you on the progress.

    To date, we've got design work nearly completed, a plan for the API changes in progress, and the team is engineering the back-end solution that will support the feature.

    The complexity we have for this is mostly invisible: it's all in the permissions on the back-end of our knowledge management infrastructure. So, that's why it looks like nothing is happening, when actually this is the biggest area of focus for us! It's really painful right now, I know, because adding sections to sections seems like a very simple thing... and conceptually, it is! The devil is in the details, but let me assure you it's happening. You'll see changes coming soon that will help us build toward the ultimate goal of flexible hierarchies. "


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    Wes Drury

    @Pedro - Currently its not possible to add sub sections or sub category's.  

    Categories - Sections - Articles is how the knowledgeable is structured.


    This article should help you understand the structure:

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    Ok i understand but seems to me that the possibility to have more than 2 levels is greatly needed.

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    ok with pedro more than 2 leveles is greatly greatly needed 

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    Bill Cicchetti

    I agree...Vote for Pedro...Subsections greatly needed

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    Bill Cicchetti

    Example of the need for our organization:  We have a slew of documentation and install files for various products and versions.  Having subcategories would help keep the page clean.  Ideally I'd like to have it that when clicking on a section instead of expanding  on the same page it opens a new page dedicated to that sections content.  

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey guys!

    Thanks very much for the feedback on this! I've gone ahead and moved this post over to our Product Feedback forum, so other folks who might find this useful can add their votes and use cases.

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    Miguel Reimer

    I concur subsections would be useful for more complicated documentation needs. 

    Also for having multiple versions of documentation available, but now if you use multiple sections in your documentation, multiple versions would be ugly.  With subsections you could have the first level as the version, then the subsections would be the different sections for that version.

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    Holly Ren

    It will be great if the sub-setions can be added since 3 layers are not really enough for our documentations. Thx!

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    Linda Larsson

    We need this too, one or even two more sub-section layers would be a great improvement in our knowledge base.

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    Manuel Nieto


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    Hi, relatively new to Zendesk and in the process of building our KB and we're having a difficult time organising our articles with the limitation of only one category and section so +1

    Please let us know on the progress on this as we'd be keen on this feature becoming available.

    We have a number of products & services categorised by themes into sections which are categorised by types so difficult to structure the KB with the current limitation.


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    Christian Colding

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to provide you with an update. We currently see requests for more levels (even more than 1), less levels and even not having any levels and instead rely on tags/taxonomy to organize knowledge.

    Whether adding another level is the right solution or if we should look at other solutions is still an open question. While another level would solve some use cases, it does not provide the flexibility we know our customers need. My expectation would be that we would rather quickly see requests for yet another level.

    So we need to think about how knowledge is organized in Help Center. No matter what, we want to solve the use case of having more flexibility in categories/sections. For now it's just an open question exactly how we can fix that in the best way.

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    Miguel Reimer


    If all we add were FAQs and similar articles in Zendesk, organizing articles non-hierarchically might work.  However, that is not all that useful for product documentation which by its nature is hierarchical, particularly for more complex products.  Not everyone will use search to find pages and if one doesn't quite know what to search for, browsing the documentation categories/sections can often lead to the correct article.  

    If you do go the tag route, maybe you can do what Gmail does and allow nested tags with the ability to browse that hierarchically, in place of the current category/sections/article structure.  As no hierarchy would seriously impact the usefulness of the Zendesk Knowledge base.

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    Christian Colding

    Hi Miguel,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    You are absolutely right. While we might go in the route of allowing organization of knowledge by tags, we would retain the possibility to use these tags as a hierarchical navigation method. A way could be to do as Gmail, but there are other ways as well.

    The main purpose is to break free of the forced hierarchical organization and allow for a more customized experience, which would better support linking articles together across today's categories and sections.

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    Alexey Stan`ko

    We've got several different teams involved in creating content for our internal support center and it makes it complicated to organize article structure by having only 2 nesting levels.

    Therefore, it would be great to enable creating categories within categories. So I totally support all requests in this thread.

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    Loic Petitdemange

    i need this function too

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    Samantha Flaherty

    This is a really frustrating element to the Help Centre currently, and although I understand that a solution needs to benefit everyone, not just a select few, it would be really nice to see an update to this process soon. We've got a diverse collection of support articles we would love to have on the Help Centre but it's an organisational nightmare trying to coherently work with this only having two levels. Tags, more levels or any improvement would be welcome!

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    Linda Larsson

    May I suggest adding the possibility to let us choose if we want to have the taxonomy-based navigation or the hierarchical one (with some additional levels)?

    In our case the hierarchical one is preferable as we have a large number of products which we would need to divide into sub-sections to make possible to get a full view of, but it's just not possible at the time being. We already have a large number or top-level categories as well and customers are complaining about how the massive amount of content makes it hard to find things.

    It's very frustrating not to be able to make any improvements to meet customers requirement.

    Then there is another annoying problem, when setting access levels in the knowledge base using tag the only options are all tags or no tags. I.e, I can't give two different types of customers access to the same section since they must then both have both tags. Instead I must add another duplicate section making the KB even more flooded.

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    Bastiaan Timmer

    We also need this feature. If you use the Help Centre for multiple products, then you will definitely need sub sections. Why won't you implement these features and let Zendesk users choose if they want to use sub sections or not?

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    Peter P

    I agree with the rest. More levels of sections/subsections is needed for complex hierarchies.

    Some documents cannot be only classified by those 3 levels (category/section/article) since we manage different products/services that require deeper categories.

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    Chellie Esters

    We need this feature as well. Product documentation is more complex, and multiple products is even more complex. Understood that some help doesn't need to be hierarchical, but some help DOES need to be hierarchical.

    This is also needed for customers who have more than one department using the knowledge base. That kills one level right there.

    If it's too much to configure subsections right now, can you at least create another level between Home and Category (maybe "Bucket")? Maybe that's easier?

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    Totally agree, more complex structures is needed! KB quickly gets very messy and un-userfriendly. Even if the search option does help, its not enough.

    primarily: add more levels, ideally configurable number

    secondary: additional functionality like taxonomics, tags, other

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    Jason Walker

    More flexibility please! 

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    Sam Brandt

    I absolutely agree that having the ability to add more levels, with configuration, would be helpful. If people want to use the help center for documentation as well as articles, this is NECESSARY!

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    Kristen Vales

    Need sub-section in order to better organize documents in KB.  To just have them listed under one section means everything is a big mess.  To have each sub-section become a section has been a nightmare for our test group.

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    Katy O'Reilly

    Add another vote for more levels and more flexibility. Our company are new users as of this week and have already hit a road block for how we wanted to organize our KB because of only having three levels. Please reconsider.

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    Tony Poetz

    +1 toward the hierarchical request. Our current documentation (which we'd migrate to Zendesk if we buy) is hierarchically structured to mirror our product. Most of our current sections are 4-5 levels deep depending. Without a selectable structure to provide suggestions/clues, customers will be required to know specifically what they're looking for and that's not frequently the case. 

    The inability to create child articles is going to be a roadblock for us.

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    Corrin Duque

    With the robust library we are building we definitely need a fourth layer of depth. Ideally a Sub-Section.  

    Help IQ provides 5 layers of depth and seamless integration to Zendesk, however it provides this in a side bar list of hierarchical folders with the main frame always being a single article (helpful for internal knowledge bases but overwhelming and not easily useful for customers).  We need the web page drill down like Help Center.  But need at least 4 layers of depth.  

    We are working with a web developer to explore how we create another layer of depth. 

    Question:  Could we create multiple "Home Pages" for our knowledge base? If we could do this then we could create an external Home Page that links to multiple Zendesk Home Pages, each with their three levels of depth.

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    Anaissia Franca



    Having an extra level would be great for clarity and smooth navigation in our Help Desk documentation which is what we are seeking by using ZenDesk!



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