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    Colin Piper

    Insights is great but frustrating at the same time. It is a bit like (actually a lot like) learning a new language in that at first it looks daunting but once you have the hang of it, you can have a "wonderful conversation" with others. In this context, produce great reports. 

    Learning MAQL is hard even if you have done the training courses. Its name suggests it should have a very similar syntax to SQL but apart from the 'SELECT...WHERE' format, very few SQL rules apply. The fact that you have to select the elements from the list on the right slows you down when building MAQL but I totally understand the need for doing so and this is not so much an "insights" issues but an inherent restriction of Gooddata.

    I have built many reports and dashboards in Insights. Most of my managers have their own dashboards (although I tend to create the content for them :) ). My latest was a customer scorecard giving data and trends over a 7 day, 30 day and 90 day period. The customers I have shown it to since have been impressed with how professional it looked. Unfortunately the SSO situation means that they cannot access this themselves and the same challenge prevents me from putting my Dashboards on display. I wish also the backlog dataset contains User/Org filtering as this would be a huge plus. 

    Where I think a lot of people get stuck when approaching Insights is the lack of realisation that they can adapt metrics as they see fit. This creates another level of reporting capability as you can then slice you data in ways that the generic report does not allow. 

    My helpdesk is mutli-branded with several departments using it in slightly different ways. But with Insights this is fine as I can segment my data just the way I need and many of the default reports that Zendesk have provided I have clones and customized accordingly. 

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    Jeff Preager

    Although there is a little bit of a learning curve with Insights, it is a very powerful tool.

    My organization is a consulting firm with multiple clients and from a reporting perspective, I was looking for a way to provide consistent service, across our customer base. I’m in the process of building out our support line of business and need an easy way to deliver reports on our services while growing our customer base, especially since I’m the only person on this team right now!

    The standard reports provided in Zendesk are great for a management overview of your team and combined efforts across all your clients. But what about what the client needs?

    I need to be able to show value to my customers so I can get renewals and maintain that long-term relationship needed in the support business. Meeting SLAs are great, but, in my opinion, it’s the “what have you done for me lately?” that will keep your customers coming back.

    This is where Insights comes in. I set up a dashboard with reports that illustrate work we have done. Starting with three headline reports across the top, summarizing workflow, the customer can quickly see how many tickets were opened, resolved and what’s left in the backlog. Below this, I show a breakdown of the backlog in three different charts, grouping by priority, severity and type respectively.

    Working down the left column, I break down all opened tickets by the same groupings above (priority, severity and type). I duplicate this with the resolved tickets along the right column.

    Now, on one page, my customer can see all activity, sliced however they need. They want a quick overview? They read the headlines. They want to know how many Sev 2s still need to be resolved? They look at the backlog charts. They want to know how my organization is performing? They look at the resolved tickets charts.  All this is on one page.

    Here’s where it becomes extremely valuable for me and how I can simplify the workload since I would have to produce this summary for all of my customers.

    With some help from Desiree, I added two filters at the top of the dashboard, one for Organization and one for Date (Timeline). Now, with just a few clicks, I can select my customer and my month, all my charts are updated and I instantly have all the information I need.

    Click print and now I’m emailing the summary to my customer base (although, maybe I can create a macro for this?).

    I can use this dashboard as preparation for my status meetings so we can efficiently address any concerns and my busy customers can easily get caught up on where everything is at.

    Our customers can now see the value that our services give them on a monthly basis, with little administrative overhead on my part.

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