Blacklist IP Addresses - Not just domains


  • Lizette Botha

    This has my vote.  Will definitely help if we could do this.

  • David Beach

    Blocking ip's are useful to block spammers more than anything else.


    Especially spambots

  • Giovanni

    I vote for that too ! 

  • Zac

    If a competitor really wanted a look at your product, couldn't they do so from home?

    I think IP address blocking is important too, for blocking spam, abusive end users, etc.

  • Jiri Fait

    I'm all for this as well

  • Nick Stephens

    this would be amazing for the literally thousands of spam tickets we've been getting from a chinese IP

  • Jake H

    I vote for this as well. Would help solve a recent problem we faced with thousands of spam tickets from a small number of IP addresses going to our main email address.

  • Stephen Bales

    I vote for this as well. Just been spammed overnight and now have 21K unassigned tickets clogging up our work flow. They all have the same IP. The emails all come from fake gmail accounts. I can't block gmail as a domain!!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all -

    Thank you for the feedback. I've made sure to make the appropriate product manager aware of the conversation and needs shared here.

  • Max McCal

    Hey, everyone - 

    Product manager for Abuse Prevention, here. Blocking IP addresses individually isn't the first thing on our list to tackle, but it is out there. Right now we're focused on ways to stop these attacks as quickly and efficiently as possible, and will follow that up with improved tools for cleaning up any attacks that do happen. In the meantime, though we know these fixes won't work for everyone, we have documented the best ways to adjust your settings so that spammers won't have incentive to target you.


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