SLA next breach automation



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    Jennifer Rowe

    Awesome, Tio! Thanks for sharing your solution.

    This will be useful to a lot of users, I think!

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    Wes Drury

    @Thanks Tio - can't wait to try it out in my environment.

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    Serge Payette

    Very useful, thanks @Tio

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    Matt Searle

    I'm interested in doing something like this but posting it to our Slack channel. Will have a play around and come back with results :)

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    Jon Logan

    This is really useful, thanks!  How would I modify this if I wanted to send the notification to Slack rather than via email?  I have a separate Slack webhook trigger setup already, but it does not appear as an option in the Automations flow.  

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Jon! Great question.

    I did some messing around with the Slack integration for Zendesk, but it doesn't look like you can specify notifications by tag - just by status. Which I think will end up being too noisy.

    I set up something similar for Community notifications, so I think we can figure out how to get this done for you. Here's what I did,:

    In a Gmail inbox, I set up a filter to apply a label to any incoming notification with specific keywords. (I have a designated one for Community notifications, but you can use your own if needed.)

    Then I set up a recipe in IFTTT to send a Slackbot notification anytime an email arrives in the inbox with that label. IFTTT allows you to select whatever channel you want the notification to go to, and you can customize what the notification says. So you could set up a different recipe for each SLA level with text specific to that level.

    Now, I know that Slack has an API, so if you're smarter than I am you might be able to get something set up with that and Zendesk's API and bypass the middleman altogether. We have a section in our Community devoted to API questions, which you can find here.

    Hope that helps!



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    Jay Wallace

    I implemented this today using Slack.


    1. Created a new custom integration specific for SLA breaches. Select incoming webhooks.

    2. Choose your channel and click add incoming webhook integration

    3. Setup all your integration settings to your liking (ie Customization name, icon, etc)

    4. Copy the webhook URL

    5. Head over to extensions in Zendesk and create a new target.

    6. Select URL Target

    7. Set the Title to something like SLA Breach Slack, the URL to the webhook URL you previously copied, the method to Post, and the attribute name to payload

    8. Create target and submit.


    Once I created the new target, I set the message to something like:


    {"text": "<{{}}|Ticket #{{}}> is about to breach SLA in 1 hour, please act accordingly!"}



    Hope that helps!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing, Jay!

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    Mark Lee

    Trying to get the Slack notifications working with the incoming webhooks.

    Jay (or someone else), does yours work with an automation as Tor shows, or is it with a Trigger (to Notify target)? Or can it be either.....

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