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  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Shivam!

    Either of those solutions would work, I think. You could also add all your SMEs as light agents and them add them to Groups, and set up Triggers or Macros to Notify Group when their expertise is needed. However, this would require that they go into Zendesk to respond to a ticket, rather than responding via email.

    I think that the best option would be one that allows a light agent to respond as themselves, so you have a better way of tracking who is responding to what. Having everyone respond from one collective email address won't allow you to see who is working on a specific issue, which could potentially lead to problems down the road with tracking performance, etc. I would recommend opting for a process that provides more transparency.

    Hope that helps!

  • Josh

    We need to be able to "clone" light agent role, and have the ability for them to only view tickets they are CCed on.

  • Daniel Baras

    Totally agree with you Josh.

    It would be a nice to can be able to clone the light agent roles.

    Already suggested here please vote and comment 


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