Android App crashes on Lollipop


  • William Gilliland

    Having exactly the same issue...Help !!

  • Symon Borny

    Wow, that is strange. I have had an update to Zendesk in the last hour and all is now working fine.

    Not sure if  this had anything to do with it but good work Zendesk.

  • Laura D.

    Glad you're sorted out Symon. 

    William we pushed an update just this morning to fix an issue. Please try updating and let us know if it's still not working after that!

  • Raghu

    I am seeing this same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. I have Android version 5.0. I had uninstalled my zendesk app and re-downloaded zendesk app from google play - that did not help.

    I see  "Unfortunately Zendesk has stopped" when I use the app to look at my notifications or on  my views pretty regularly. This used to work long time ago but not sure how to fix it

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Raghu! I'm sorry you're having issues with this. I talked with one of our Mobile Apps Product Champions and found out that this is a known issue that some folks are running into on certain phone models.

    I'm going to get a ticket started so our Support team can dig into this for you. I'll see you there shortly!


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