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  • Andrew J

    Hello Katie,

    If you mean in your website - there are several ways.  The simplest is just to create a form that emails the details directly to your support address.

    Depending on your site structure, you should be able to set the from address to the senders email, and thence if they have an account it will open in their name.

  • Jonathan Stewart

    Hi Andrew,

    With this method, how do we then change the incoming channel from email to Contact Form? Is this possible?



  • Andrew J

    Hello Jonathan, not sure what you mean.

    If you mean how it shows in Zendesk - it will still show as via email, but you can modify your triggers to take effect in different way based on the email address the messages arrive at.

    You 'contact form' based triggers would include a condition for the email they are received at;

    Ticket received at

    For other normal triggers you would want to use something like;

    Ticket not received at


    Does that help or am I on the wrong wavelength?


  • Jonathan Stewart


    No worries.

    On our reporting dashboard we have the following channels:

    • Mail
    • Web Form
    • Web Service
    • Closed Ticket
    • Chat

    However, any enquiries coming from our Contact Form are logged in the reporting as the 'Mail' channel, rather than Web Form.

    So the reporting is not accurate as Zendesk believes these tickets have come from an email, not our contact form.

    I can't see in the triggers how you can change the channel though, so how should we proceed in order to get the reporting correct?

    Hope that makes sense. Grateful for any help!


  • Andrew J

    The web form is probably for the Zendesk web form.  

    If you aren't using that - I suspect you are in a situation where you can't have your cake and eat it :) - you may be able to create custom reports to show these different results - then you can have your cake, and eat the pie.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys! Just to piggyback on here...

    If you're using a non-Zendesk contact form that's being forwarded into your Zendesk via email, what you might consider doing is setting up a special email address specifically for that form, adding it to your Zendesk as a support address, and then setting up your form so that it forwards to that new email address.

    You can then set up a trigger that adds a tag to any ticket received that that new email address, which will allow you to see an accurate count of the number of tickets generated from that form.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Nate Legakis

    I'm confused. I want to create a contact form with a custom field.  It looks like the only place to create a form is under the Widget Channel.  I can't find a place to add a drop down for a custom field.  For example, I want my end-users to select which one of our products they are using and have that information come through when a ticket is entered with a form. 


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Nate - 

    Your answer can be found in this article: Adding custom fields to your tickets and support request forms. It's a little confusing because it's written form the ticket perspective and not the building a form perspective, but basically if you look at step 5 where it says to click "visible to end-users" that should make it automatically part of your form. 

    Try that out and let us know if you run into any trouble, or if that takes care of it for you. 

  • Anuranjani Rathore


    I understand from few answers that we can forward the web form content to an email which is linked to Support address. However, the information is not in the form of fields anymore and it does not automatically fill the same fields in Zendesk Ticket. 

    How can we achieve this? Is it possible to link the web form with Zendesk more elegantly?



  • Andrew J

    It's possible to do this using the Zendesk API, otherwise you only have the options of a email request.

  • Nate Legakis

    Has anyone tried the wordpress plugin called Zendesk Request Form?  If you don't have time to explore the api, it looks like this app does a lot of that work for you.

  • Fredy Alexander

    Sending an email from the web form won't work since Zendesk will automatically suspend the ticket with the cause "Automated response email". Right now we're having this problem. 

  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Fredy, 

    If you are using a custom web form that is generating an email to Zendesk you may be able to resolve this a few ways: 

    • Forward the message with the web form customer as the sender of the email.  This will make the email look unique. 
    • Whitelist the email address that is sending the form via email.  Note that high volume may still be suspended and or rejected.
    • Use the Requests or Tickets API endpoints to create the ticket via the API versus email. 

    If you have the resources the API is going to be the most reliable here, if you have high volumes, make sure to consider bulk ticket creation and be aware of your API rate limits. The API will also give you the option to pre-fill fields based on the web form fields in your Zendesk.

  • Fredy Alexander

    Whitelisting the email address did the trick for now. We'll consider using the API soon.

    Thanks for the help. 


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