Embedding Javascript in specific article - no longer works


  • Joe Kramer

    Hey there El! 

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm looking into this for you and I will provide you with an update here once I've gathered some more information on this! 



  • Edward Voisin

    What was the result of this?? I have a similar issue. My Show Unsafe HTML box is checked, but whenever I attempt to add javascript into an Article Source Code, it gets stripped/changed. What can I do? Thanks.

  • Dwight Bussman

    Hi Edward,

    I believe that JavaScript is automatically stripped from the article source code upon submission. I'd be happy to work with you within a ticket to investigate your specific use-case to try to find an alternate solution.

    I'll see you over in that ticket shortly.

  • Dan Ross

    Same issue here. What was the solution??

  • Dwight Bussman

    Hi Dan,

    This could happen due to the type of JavaScript that you're attempting to use, or the nature of its implementation. As such, I'm going to reach out to you within a ticket to see what's causing your specific issue. I'll see you within that ticket shortly!

  • Oscar Rizo

    I am trying to apply an accordion to an article and the script that I applied is being altered and it gets applied into CDATA tags as well...I have  also made sure I have the "Show Unsafe HTML" box checked, I have reached out to Zen' via chat support and I tried there recommendation to apply to a specific article and it also did not work. I am waiting to hear back after my latest follow up with them. In the mean time if anyone has found a solution, please advise. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks! ✌


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