SMIME and gpg/pgp signatures/encryption



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    Jason L

    +1 on this. You could start by enabling signing outgoing emails and verifying incoming emails. We see other companies in our industry using doing this for their outgoing e-mail. It adds trust, just as having an EV SSL certificate for your website. Also, email client support is getting better such as the native clients on iOS and OS X. They show a nice checkmark next to a verified senders email address.

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    Birgit Pohl

    Users are aware of this and look it up. So if the product/service has it but support doesn't, it is bad.
    I am just being asked to add it. Which I can't, because it is a feature from Zendesk to be implemented.

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    Josh Larkins

    Not supporting this feature in 2016 is disappointing. Being able to encrypt sensitive tickets should be at the top of the roadmap.

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    Scott Renna

    We find that using digital signatures when communicating with customers provides a sense of assurance that the message was sent from us. While we do not have a PKI program in place, we use digital certs from Comodo and it works on desktop and mobile email clients. It enables a nice sense of comfort from an optics perspective.

    I would say S/MIME support is more important, than PGP as S/MIME is so universal

    It would be very useful for us to also allow this via Zendesk as it is another method of interaction with customers where we can provide trust and assurances.


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    +1, this would be worth implementing.

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    René Streib

    Having mime support would be important to me too. I have no request for PGP yet.

    But since this thread was already started almost 3 years ago, it is to be feared that nothing will change here in short term.

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