Process for reviewing tickets and setting QA standards


  • Laura D.

    Ryan this is an awesome tip, thank you for sharing your insight! I love your suggestion about asking how the CEO would have handled the ticket, it's a nice way to change the perspective of the conversation. 

  • Jroberts

    Ryan, thanks for the info! What GoogleApps do you utilize? I tried GoogleSheets but it was just too slow, so I have been using Excel - which isn't going to be beneficial once there are more QA Specialists involved. 


  • Oscar

    Ryan, thanks for sharing! 

    We're building a QA monitoring app for Zendesk. Basically, you can use our platform to review your tickets and evaluate how your agents interact with your customers.

    We're looking for people interested in joining our limited beta testing program.

    If you are interested just drop me a line at 

    More info: 


  • Loretta Strangis

    Has there been any update to the QA Monitoring APP?




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