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  • Amado Hidalgo


  • Kristin Kweder

    Has there been any consideration to enhancing the audit logs?  I completely agree with Paymon in that if you have a LOT of changes going on, and you're not entirely sure when something happened, that it's virtually impossible to find anything.  Even if there was an 'export to CSV' option or something that allowed us to filter/search on our own would be useful.  Is there an update on something like this?  Thank you.

  • Heather R


    and we'd like WAY more detail in the audit log. WHO changed a user record and when, what was changed? 


  • Brad Rhodes

    Please add this feature - there are many ways to do this, but all would be an improvement. The audit needs to be searchable in some capacity, either in app, or with an export to csv function.

  • Jennifer Holmes

    Definitely been some improvements to the log in recent releases but a proper search function would make the log a much more valuable tool. it is so difficult to find the item you are searching for.

  • Henrik Engeseth


    Absolutely a useful tool, when investigating incidents i Zendesk. Search or some kind of filter would make the Audit Log manageable!

    Would also be nice, if someone from Zendesk Product Team actually took the time to reply to a post, created 2 years ago (in 3 days).   

  • Benjamin Wylie

    We just had to find a log on page 32 :(

    Please allow searching and filtering of the audit log!

  • Deidre Jones

    Has there been any update on search capabilities for the audit log? 

  • Dilara Yüksel

    Even at least an export function could work too.

  • Anthony Douglas

    394 pages in my audit log and I'm now having to page through them one page at at time to find a single event, who performed the change in an agents role.

    Please provide a CSV or XLS export so this task can be performed in seconds!

  • Heather R

    @Anthony - Yes! That would be so awesome.

  • Christer Bangen

    please add

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Christer - 

    Can you provide any detail on your use case?

  • Ignacio De La Llave Lorenzo

    Looking for a specific change in over 1000 pages is ridiculous. A way of searching/filtering or at least exporting the Audit log seems easy to implement and would have big benefits

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    @Benjamin Wylie: "We just had to find a log on page 32"

    This x1,000... we have hundreds of changes on a daily basis, and not being able to search the audit log for something which happened the previous month, for ex., can be a huge pain.

    Also, when I filter the audit for a specific user, the URL includes actor_type (instead of source_type, as indicated here). Is there any other documentation with all these fields and their possible values, so that I can easily create an URL builder to access the audit log knowing all the possible search parameters? Thanks in advance!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all -

    Thank you for the feedback. We're continuing to collect your comments, though this is not an area of the product that our development teams are currently working on.

  • Otger Cobben

    Search in audit log is a must! Please add this functionality. Thanks


  • Stacy Win

    It would be a great help if the Audit Log was improved to allow searching or filtering. The audit log gets really long, pretty quickly, and it is a pain to have to go through a ton of pages looking for a log record that occurred months in the past.

    If we could search a specific timeframe, Ticket ID, User, Macro/Automation/Trigger Name

    If we could filter by Actor, Type, Changes

    Some use cases

    1. Looking up in the audit log who suspended a specific end-user

    2. Looking up in the audit log who deleted a ticket

    3. Looking up in the audit log all changes made by a specific user

    4. Looking up the history of an end-user (when they were suspended, unsuspended, etc)

    5. See all suspended users or all definition changes to macros/triggers/automations 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stacy.


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