Adding fields to email notifications


  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Cjones,

    In you triggers, make a change in the notification to agent and simply add {{}} to the top of the notification.

    I presume this is for your agents.

  • Cjones Mhs

    Yes it is for my agents. However the name field is a custom field that I added. I was able to add the {{}} for the notification, but it isn't displaying. Is that because the name field is a custom field?

    On a related note, I would like to get my locations to show in that notification as well. They are listed in another custom field that is a drop down menu. Would that be a similar fix?

  • McCabe Tonna
    Community Moderator


    Custom fields have a placeholder as well.

    If you go into the edit of the field, the ID of the custom field will be displayed. 


    These two are your friends

    ticket.ticket_field_<field ID number>
    | Property/placeholder format for custom fields. See Placeholders for custom fields.
    ticket.ticket_field_option_title_<field ID number>
    | Property/placeholder format for the option titles of a drop-down custom field. See Placeholders for custom fields.

  • Nate Legakis

    There's a list of fields that show up at the bottom of emails that agents get.  The fields are listed right after the line that reads "You are an agent. Add a comment by replying to this email or view ticket in Zendesk Support."  

    Is there a way to add a custom field to this list?

  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Nate, 

    No, there is no way to add more field to the special agent-only section you refer to.

    You could add custom fields yourself, using custom field placeholder in the email notification, just mind those would show for all recipients of the notification, not just the agents.. If you only want to display your custom fields on notifications that always targets your agents, maybe hard-coding the fields into your email notification might work for you, though. 


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