Address first response time for agent created tickets


  • Cristin Quealy

    We have tried adding an agent_created tag and attempt to filter out tickets like this, however, this also becomes a challenge when reporting on subsequent reply time SLAs (not just first reply time).  I ended up following this article, to create a custom metric, but then I even forgot how to use it!  

    I was told by Zendesk back in September: "Wait for you account to be migrated over to Insights. Insights has an expanded data model to include user information. So you can build your reports to exclude tickets where the ticket submitter's role is an agent or admin."  But I haven't tested that functionality yet, and it sounds like you're not seeing that as an option.

  • Colin Piper

    When an agent creates the ticket then I deem the FRT to have been met immediately. As Cristin suggests, I mark the ticket accordingly (in my case I set a custom field as this is easier than a tag when it comes to reporting) and then exclude all such tickets in my report. I do not want these tickets skewing the FRT where a response is waiting for by the customers. 

    To exclude them in Insights is as simple as adding a Filter for the custom field. Excluding with a tag is sooooooo much harder.

  • Cristin Quealy

    This was also a suggestion from Zendesk -- you can also write a trigger to have a tag populate a custom field/check box, which is much easier to report on.  However if you already have tags in your system on Closed tickets, you can't go backwards and migrate those.  I needed to report on those, and all I had access to was the tag.  

    If Insights had a way to filter out tickets based on submitter's role that would be ideal because you wouldn't need either of these options -- supposedly it's coming!

  • Peter Griffith

    Colin: I take it you manually set that custom field? There is no concept of whether or not an agent or an end user created a ticket so I can't see how you would populate it automatically. 

    In fact, the more I dig, adding something to Channel would also be a valid option for this problem. I could then filter my reports by Channel, excluding 'Agent - Email' and 'Agent - web form).

  • Cristin Quealy

    Peter - we populate a tag automatically based on a trigger that says: "if ticket is created, and the assignee is the current user."  That works for us because of how tickets are assigned automatically in our Zendesk if you create a ticket. 

    Depending on your own triggers and workflow there might be a way to indicate that the agent created the ticket directly in Zendesk -- might be harder from a webform!

  • Peter Griffith

    Going through my old posts and noticed I never followed up on this. My workaround for this is working nicely and allows me to filter out 'Agent Created' tickets from my First Response reports. 

    Similar to Cristin, I have a custom Ticket Field that indicates whether or a not a ticket was created by an agent. I then use a macro to set this field when a ticket is created and Current User is (agent). That seems to work for me, and allows me to construct reports in Insights that filter this.

  • Daniel Petersson

    Any update on this issue?
    I have the same problem where the FRT includes agent created tickets which skewers the value on the FRT I want to extract.

    All our agents create a ticket after responding to a call so this value is altered at a high degree.

  • Marcia Keren


    We are already in 2018 and I was hoping to see this feature request implemented! 

    I have the same problem where the FRT includes agent created tickets which increases our FRT metrics. Those kind of tickets should be excluded from FRT - or at least a choice should be given to the organization to decide how we want to calculate FRT, since this doesn't make sense (at least for us). Sending two consecutive public comments will look awkward to our customers. 

    Is there any update regarding this issue? 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Marcia - 

    No updates at this time. It's not something that we've seen as high priority as of yet. There are only a handful of votes on this thread and we haven't seen it come up with great frequency in other channels, so it has not been prioritized for development. 

    However, it is something our product teams are open to considering, so we're keeping this thread open for comments and continuing to collect feedback on it. 


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