You can only use one authentication method for agents and admins


  • Saajan Shah

    Hello Nick,

    It's still possible to use the native Zendesk authentication, as well as Google authentication. When turning on Google authentication, the URL to log in would be

    The URL will allow you to log into the Zendesk Agent interface with your native Zendesk username and password.

    How does changing from Zendesk to Gmail authentication affect API access?

    With the API, the the authentication uses the email addresses of an Administrator or Agent and their Zendesk password. However, the recommended method which I suggest is to use API Tokens:

    This way, no matter what the password or authentication method is used, you can use the API token, which will remain the same. Here's an example of the API token in use:

    Why aren't we allowed to choose "all" or "some" anymore and why wasn't there an announcement of this change?

    This was an internal decision which was mainly based around the security of the authentication offered for Admin's and Agents. It wasn't publicly announced, but the notice you saw was how we informed our customers.

    I hope this answers your questions.



  • Nick Lamb


    That's helpful. It does leave the question of: Why can't an agent just choose both google and normal (zendesk) from the same page if I'm able to access them from two different pages?

  • Anna Everson

    Hi Nick,

    The /access/normal URL is intended as a back-up for when your SSO implementation breaks. It's not intended as a second option for logging in. For security purposes it's best if your agents stick to one login method.

    Thanks for your questions!

  • Hui En Loi

    Hi there,

    I'm facing the similar issue that Nick raised.

    My agent tried signing in via Google, as well as the /access/normal URL method but upon doing so, both led up to a page which says 'Access Denied'.

    However, when I tried logging into the agent's account via both methods, it worked fine for me.

    So I'm not too sure what could possibly be the error.

    Hopefully I'll be able to resolve it soon. Thanks!

  • Megan Howell

    Hey Hui,


    This sounds like it is outside of expected behavior, so I am going to create a ticket to look into this a bit further - keep an eye out for an email from me!


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