How to use your Brand's logo on Mutibrand email template

If you're using the new Multibrand, I'm sure you're disappointed with the fact that each brand don't have their own email template and you need to make do with only one.

Good news is: there's a workaround for that!

With Liquid Markup, you can insert your logo or important links that are related to a single brand.

All you have to do is edit your Triggers and Automations that notify users and add in them a "case" statement according to each brand.

Let's say I have 5 brands, and I want to show a certain logo for 2 of them. Here's what I would add to the end of each trigger and automation:

{% case ticket.brand.name %}  
{% when 'Brand 1' %}  

<a href="http://brand1.com" target="_blank" border="0"><img src="http://link.to/brand1.jpg" alt="brand1" border="0" /></a>  

{% when 'Brand 2' %}  

<a href="http://brand2.com" target="_blank" border="0"><img src="http://link.to/brand2.jpg" alt="brand2" border="0" /></a>  

{% else %}  

<a href="http://nobrand.com" target="_blank" border="0"><img src="http://link.to/nobrand.jpg" alt="nobrand" border="0" /></a>  

{% endcase %}  

This will show a different image according to your brand. You can go crazy and add tablet, links and whatever you need. Just make sure you test it well, as getting the layout right can get a bit tricky.

Important: when you create your base email template for all brands, build it in a way that if you replace the {{content}} tag with the HTML code for each brand the layout still looks good, because that's where the images will show up.

Have fun!


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