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  • Heather R

    +1 for this!!!!

    We have the same issue and have held back on deploying the Answer Suggestion app for this reason.

  • Kris Anderson

    +1 more


    Same issue - currently, we have to provide our own flags within our agent only articles to be able to distinguish them - NOT an ideal solution. . .. 

  • Corrin Duque

    Just had an internal meeting on this! Our need to keep the internal and customer facing libraries completely separate has forced us to shop for a new KB tool for our internal library as well as create an Internal KB App.

    If we could keep these two libraries separate on the Answer Suggestion would help remove our current requirement of needing to purchase a new solution!

  • Terry Knox

    +1 from us! We've resorted to a common prefix, but it relies on agents not to forget to include it. 

  • OT

    We would love this too.  Just started using Answer Suggestion as we've added a lot more content to our Help Centre.  Unfortunately lots of the suggestions are internal, and it's hard to spot unless you know.  Seems kind of weird that there is an app option to hide internal stuff if you're still on Web Portal but not on Help Centre.

  • Greg Pope

    "Seems kind of weird that there is an app option to hide internal stuff if you're still on Web Portal but not on Help Centre." - agreed.

    This is really needed. 

  • Paul French


    This app was the most useful of them all... Moved to HC today to find its now pretty much useless, very disappointed


  • Roger Duthie

    We'd like to see this, too.  Although there's the other issue of posting links to articles that the End User's Organisation is not able to view (due to Tags and Section filters). 

    So, although we'd like to know when the article is Agent-Only, we'd also like to know if the End User who is the Requester on the ticket is able to view the suggested article.

  • Corrin Duque

    We need more votes on being able to separate "agent only" content from "non agent" content. There are a few community posts on this topic.  But not enough votes to surface to the top of customer requests.  Also while it is a deal breaker for us, I'm not finding a solution.  

    Two requests.

    1- please vote on the posts related to this if it is important to you.  

    2 - Does anyone have a recommendation for how we can manage our robust Agent and Customer Libraries in Help Center as two separate searchable libraries?  We want to benefit from Answer Suggestion as the intended internal Agent ticket deflection tool for providing customer resources.  So we want the "Exclude 'Agents only' topics" to work on the "New" Help Center.  Putting "INT" in front of all internal content is not a feasible workaround due to the size of our KB.  And adding a multi-brand not a good workaround as the cost is $25/agent/month at the Professional tier ($500/month for us just to try to keep them separate).  

    For those of you who have the know how and do want to use the "INT" prefix, here's a suggestion from ZD on how to use the API to update a Help Center and add INT before articles that are Agent only so filtering via INT could be used.

    "INT" could be handled automatically via the API with a script that behaves as follows:

    1. Get a list of all sections: 
    2. Loop over each section's access_policy endpoint to see whether it's Internal or not: 
    3. If a section is internal, get a list of the articles within that section: 
    4. Loop over each article within that section, checking whether it starts with "INT - "
    5. If it does not start with "INT - ", have the API update the article name: 
  • Viorica Pop


  • Diana Cerame

    +1 for this ask. We have also resorted to using prefixes on our articles, but this can be hard to enforce, and I've actually had to tell our agents to stop using "Answer Suggestion" due to a large recent influx of internal-only documentation that doesn't have any prefixes.

  • Lianna Johnson

    +1 Is this on the roadmap?

  • Ryan McGrew

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to let you know that this is a supported feature in the Knowledge Capture application. Here's some more information.



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