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  • Colin Piper

    Thanks Jon for taking the time to post here. We are no where near as far along the path as you and our particular need does not involve international boundaries and huge sprawling complexes, however many of all the challenges you mentioned also applies to us smaller folks.

    I will be interested in reading how others are addressing these challenges before I move further down the path of resolving it. I will say however that we are guilty of way overloading the capabilities of email and that we do already use Lync for 1:1 communication. 

  • Dr. J

    Hi there @Colin 👋 - Thanks very much, it's my pleasure!

    We've all been small fish, and are all in process of evolving! — As a colleague and I mentioned yesterday - this is where we're at now, should we find a compelling use case, and need, we undoubtably are ready to move on a dime should the needs of our team require it.

    love the fact that you brought up _addressing the challenges now _rather than later, when it would be much bigger issue - I'm _100% _in favor of "killing the monster while it's little", rather than when workflows, teams, and contracts find you entrenched in a non-optimal solution.

    Lync is an interesting solution — what are the advantages that you, and your team have found vs. Skype for business? (and/or, are they now merging to be one in the same?)


  • Josh


    I was interested in Zendesk will be adding in a Zopim Light Agent functionality for us enterprise customers who could use it for inter-team communication rather than using slack, etc etc. Any thoughts on that?

  • Dr. J

    Hi there Josh - thanks for your question!  That would be very interesting!  At this time, you are able to do Agent to Agent chat in Zopim, but it's not integrated with our light agents at this time.  I'd love to see this as well! - can you drop a line of support here, or put up a new post in our product feedback forum?


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