Sending Satisfaction Rating along with Ticket Details to SalesForce


  • Sergiu Birca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Marnix,

    A good solution would be to save the Customer Satisfaction in ticket custom fields and then sync that data along with the ticket to Salesforce.

    We can use 2 URL Targets and an automation to achieve this.


     Via an URL target, we can save in 2 custom text fields the CSAT feedback represented by these 2 placeholders:

    {{satisfaction.current_rating}} and** {{ satisfaction.current_comment}}**

    An URL Target sample:

    Where the URL to save in a custom text field the Customer Satisfaction Comment =


     The custom field ID can be taken from here:

    A similar target should be created for the CSAT rating (Good (with comment), Bad (with comment). 

    The URL in the target:



    Now we need an automation that will execute those targets and will save the data in custom fields. The timing is important. We should attempt to execute the targets just before setting the status of the ticket to CLOSED (via the *Close ticket 4 days after status is set to solved *that majority of customers use). You can not update a ticket that has already been set to CLOSED.

    The automation that I suggest:


    You can use in the Ticket Hours since Solved Calendar Greater than => 96 hours (or the nr. of hours set in the Automation that is supposed to set the status of the ticket to CLOSED) OR you can set it to 95 (to execute the Automation 1 hour earlier).


    Hope the above helps.


    Kind Regards,

  • Colin Greene

    Hi guys, 

    Regarding the above, I have looked at implementing this workaround within our Zendesk account as for us it is quite important that we are able to sync our satisfaction ratings to Salesforce along with the rest of our ticket information. 

    The work around looks to be on the ball in relation to giving us what we require however a few of the steps are a little unclear. Almost as if screenshots and other steps are missing. 

    Would anyone be able to advise on this or if an alternative solution exists advise on the details of this? 

    Much appreciated. 

  • Ryan C.

    Hi Colin, 

    Thank you for your comment! Since you and I already have a screen share set up for tomorrow morning, we can address these additional Salesforce questions. :)

    Look for an update in our ticket. 

    Kindest Regards, 

  • Ted Livermore

    Is there a complete version of the instructions posted above without the missing screenshots?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Ted,

    Looks like you submitted a ticket to our Customer Advocacy team :)

    We will continue assisting in the ticket.



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