Holiday Rule Voicemail Greetings for Zendesk Voice


  • Sam S

    Agreed. This would be a great feature.

  • Spencer Schmerling

    Agreed, definitely needed!

  • Sean Serrels

    +1 this idea

  • Jenny Gillett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    In case you missed our announcement, I have some good news for you. Zendesk Talk now has the ability to configure voicemail on or off/ inside or outside your business hours and you can customised your greetings to suit your configuration.  For more details here is the link to the announcement and the documentation. 



  • Erin Slovitt

    Hi Jenny, 

    The functionality that you refer to still does not allow us to schedule holiday greetings in advance and requires us to change the voicemail configuration for each holiday. Turning voicemail off is helpful but there is still a lot of manual work required here for managing holidays throughout the year. 

  • Tim Lewandowski

    +1 to the above comment.  I don't want to have to change the greeting every holiday, then back again.

  • Johan Forsblom

    Hi Jenny,

    As Erin stated that functionality doesn't help us with holidays. With ~30 numbers we can't manually change the greetings on every holiday and then change it back.

    We serve several countries and since they all have their own holidays we need to explain to our customers that our agents is on a holiday even if the customers country doesn't have a holiday.

  • Houston Frost

    +1 - You should be able to set a specific greeting / voicemail message for holiday. We still can't use Zendesk scheduling features because of this.

  • Sara Vandermolen

    I would also like to add my vote to this, with a slight addition. In our business, we need to have and on-call rep even on holidays in case of system issues. It would be of immense help to have the option to send calls that come in during pre-set holidays to a holiday-specific IVR. This would allow us to specify a greeting and voicemail appropriate for the holiday, and still allow them to press an option to route to the on-call person if needed.

    To give an idea of how cumbersome our workaround is, we will need to set up 4 numbers and still manually change greetings to be specific to each holiday. The main number is how people call in and is associated to our regular hours. If the caller was outside of these regular hours, it overflows to a number that checks to see if it was part of our "after hours" times (before we open and after we close). If it didn't come in after hours, it overflows to a number that is associated to our training schedule so they can get a specific message when we're closed for our regular training times. If it's not part of those hours, we are going to try to set up an overflow to yet another number with holiday routing options.

    This kind of flow is complicated and prone to errors. We would like to see something that allows us to set automatic routing to a specific IVR based on a call coming in during a pre-defined holiday. Being able to pre-set a different voicemail for each holiday would be a bonus, but would not be a core function for us.


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