Report showing tickets completed by the priority level?



  • Samantha Flaherty

    Hey Jon,

    Are you using the Zendesk Advanced SLA settings? Zendesk are currently building an *awesome* looking dashboard for these metrics which should be with us soon - however, I've needed to look at these statistics myself using reports. 

    Zendesk SLAs (there's a nice screenshot from Erin in the comments)

    Here's a comment I wrote on a similar thread where I've explained the 'recipe' I've used for creating reports to give SLA statistics. 

    Essentially, to get the number of tickets within a criteria, you would pick these options when creating a report:

    Headline Report to Show # Tickets 

    What: # Tickets
    How: n/a
    Filters: Ticket Priority is 'Urgent', Ticket ID where [Biz Hrs] Full Resolve Time (hrs) [Mdn] is less than or equal to '6', Ticket Status is Solved, Closed

    If you want to see this as a list instead of a headline, you would make a selection from the How option and then switch it to a table. 

    If you wanted to see a different metric instead of just a ticket count, you would swap # Tickets in the What section to the metric you need (this could be '[Biz Hrs] Full Resolve Time (hrs) [Mdn].. etc). 

    Hope this helps!

  • Joseph Black

    Hi Jon,

    I believe Samantha's detailed response should work for your needs. However you can also do this on a metric level if you prefer that. I'd recommend taking a look at this recipe article I posted awhile back regarding SLAs. You can include additional WHERE filters that look at the Ticket Priority, and then compare these numbers (that met the SLA) to the total number of tickets with that priority level. Doing this will allow you to get a percentage of tickets that met the SLA.


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