How to setup multiple SLAs with different business hours

Now with the new multiple schedule feature available for the Enterprise plan, we finally are able to create automations for our set of service-level agreements (SLAs).

In short, we have a range of SLAs, some (6) are standardised, while some customers have custom SLAs. Here are some tips how to set this up in Zendesk.

Step 1: Setup all your schedules

Step 2. Create a new organisation field for SLA type.

Apply the appropriate setting to all organisations.


Step 3: Create a trigger for all your schedules. This trigger will set the appropriate schedule on all tickets that are created.


Step 4: Make sure your SLAs are correctly set up. A good tip is to use the organisation field as the condition for the SLA, as illustrated. Make sure your SLA targets are based on business hours. Cite Erin @ Zendesk: "If your SLA targets are configured to be based on business hours, we'll automatically use the schedule that's set on the ticket to calculate metric breaches."


After my initial testing this seems to work as expected, thumbs up for this new Zendesk feature.




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    I love this tip for real-world set up using SLAs and multiple schedules. Thanks for sharing it, Tio!

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    Whoa! 2 days into the feature, and you've already got a tip! Awesome.

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    Would you not want to add a Condition to your Trigger for 'Ticket is created' to prevent this being executed every time the Ticket is updated?

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    Hey Steve!

    If the schedule is already set to the proper one when the ticket is updated it shouldn't make a difference. However, if you change the schedule at some point in your process adding that nullifying condition would be a good idea. 

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