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  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Anthony! Sorry about the long reply time here.

    You should be able to get results you’re after with a fairly simple metric. Zendesk already records the First and Full Resolution Times on all tickets. The First Resolution Time is the amount of time from when a ticket is created to when it is first changed to Solved. The Full Resolution Time is the amount of time from when a ticket is created to the most recent time it was changed to Solved. For more information, check out our Insights Object Reference.

    It sounds like you’re interested in the difference between those two values - the amount of time from when a ticket is first solved to when it is last solved. For that, you can create a custom metric:

    • SELECT AVG((SELECT Full resolution time in minutes BY Ticket Id) - (SELECT First resolution time in minutes BY Ticket Id))

    This metric finds the resolution times for each ticket in minutes, calculates the difference between those times, then takes the average of the results. To get the results in hours instead of minutes, just add "/60" at the end.

    If you put the Ticket Id attribute in your report under How, it will show you the first to full resolution time for each individual ticket.

    You can also filter your report to exclude tickets that weren’t reopened. To do this, add a Numeric Range Filter. Choose the Ticket Id attribute, then pick your new custom metric, then select “greater than 0.” That way, the report will only include tickets where the first and full resolution times are different.

    There may be other ways to approach a report like this, but they get very complicated very quickly. If you’re interested in learning more, bookmark our Insights resources page. You could also check out this recipe article on finding the durations between events using custom metrics.

    Happy Reporting!


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