GoodData Phone Call Tracking?


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Staci!

    What voice data do you want to track in Insights? I'll need to do some research to see what might be possible.

    At this time Help Center data isn't available in Insights. It's something we're hoping to change in the future, but there's no timeline for it right now.

  • Staci Grove

    Hi, Jesse!

    I figured out the data pull for the voice - I just wanted to be able to know how many calls came in on each day.

    The insights for Help Center would be wonderful to access. Please let me know if that changes. We would love to have a running tally of how many questions/how many responses we have without counting them up.



  • Paul Schöber

    Hi Jessie,

    during my research how to pull HelpCenter stats in GodData I stumbled on this article. I wanted to ask, if there is now a possibility to have the Insights-Data regarding HelpCenter accessible in GoodData.

    The Reason behind my question is, that I want to create a automated 360° dashboard for my support operation.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help


  • David Birchmier

    Hey Paul,

    I'll let someone else chime-in on how to accomplish this in GoodData. Another option might be our app, Tymeshift, which holistically tracks every aspect of your agent's day. 

    Here's a couple of screenshots...let me know if this is what you're after.



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