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  • Hi,

    About a sales aspect.. Did you manage to find any impact that chat has on revenue? 

  • Kelsey Hales

    If this is a challenge you guys encountered, how do you keep track of advocate/agent accountability? There's satisfaction ratings, true, but how to make sure that everyone (on average) is pulling their weight?



  • Ana Wiechers

    Hey Kelsey,

    We currently use the built in dashboards in Zopim under Analytics > Agent Reports. When we rolled out chat these weren't as robust as they are now and as such we had to do a bit more of a manual process of exporting the chat data, cross referencing against our own schedule, and building the calculations in Excel. When it was 5-10 people in a week, I didn't mind but I almost fell out of my seat when the agent reports were built out in product - so much easier!!

  • Ana Wiechers

    Hey there Геннадий,

    Great question. While I don't have the numbers offhand it most definitely had an impact on our trial conversions. For us being a robust product with a million different ways to customize for your own use, sometimes prospective customers get a bit overwhelmed with various aspects.

    For us, we noticed that customers who chatted with us had a higher volume of questions than those who hadn't chatted. While there might be other factors, a big driver we learned was that chat was simple, low commitment, and fast channel. With a call you have to invest the time to pick up the phone, call, and interact with a real human (scary!), with an email there's an expectation that it'll take some time to get back to you, whereas with a chat it's got the quick factor of a call but you don't get stuck to your desk. You can get up, leave, talk to other people, and the person you're chatting with will still be there (within reason). It feels easier to chat about something that "isn't a big deal" in the moment but in the end might be a deal breaker because you couldn't figure out how to make triggers work with your intended workflow. For our product, that quick answer with low commitment are the difference maker between abandoning a trial and converting to a paid customer.

    Hope that helps! It's a great question and one I'm asked every time I talk about chat :)

  • Amie Barder

    How does your team handle customers reaching out to multiple channels with the same question?  For example: I email a question in, get impatient, and then start a chat with the same Q.

  • Kelsey Hales

    Hey Ana, 

    Yeah, we run around 50 chat agents and are only now running a premium trial. The agent metrics seem a bit unique compared to other chat solutions we've tried. The one that stands out the most to me is 'Completed chats' which is a measure of chats that concluded where the agent was the last response. I haven't quite found a use for that metric.

    Do you know if Zopim is going to roll out further agent metrics like average # of concurrent chats by agent? Or average chat duration per agent (measured from start of agent response -> chat conclusion)?


  • Heather R


    "One question might be a super easy "How do I reset my password?" whereas another might dive into apps/integrations, trigger and business rule set ups, and throw in a random question about the meaning of life."

    Thanks for making me laugh today!


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