How do I send my reply?



  • Ryan Bajnath

    Hey David,

    When you're ready to submit your reply to the requester, here's the button you need to click (bottom right corner). 


    You can submit the ticket under a few conditions (more details found here in the Knowledge Base).



  • David

    Thank you. That was very frustrating.

  • Rubén Barreiro

    very counterintuitive, thx for the answer


  • Paul Razvan Berg

    I can also say that I found this counter-intuitive.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I hope I can explain a little why the button does not say 'send' or something similar.

    The button is to set the status of the ticket (Open, solved, pending...) Sometimes you may enter a public comment, or an internal comment or you may update some fields and enter no comment at all.

    What actually sends out the notification is a trigger. Triggers say what action to take when a ticket is updated. On the Team plan and above, you can create your own triggers. 

    For example, you can say if a public comment is created by an agent send a notification to the customer. That is how the customer gets emailed when you update the ticket. If there is no trigger configured to update the customer, no email gets sent.

    This allows you to custom ticket updates to your own needs. For example, you can also send updates to other agents for specific customers or if the priority changes,

    The way I think about it is that when updating at ticket, you are not in an email client, you are in a help desk, so what happens when you submit the update depends on the triggers.

    I hope that makes it more intuitive for you.

  • Paul Razvan Berg

    Hey Graeme, thanks for coming back to us.

    Yes, I've just seen that I can use the same "Submit" button to reply to tweets. Makes sense.


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