Customize the End User Requests View


  • Jason English

    Our internal processes are such that we leave open those tickets which end up as product defects or feature requests. These are tracked/reported on with a set of custom fields, the most basic of which is a 'type' dropdown that is either Bug or Feature Request. It would be wonderful if we could add the 'type' attribute as a column to sort by those.

    Additionally/similarly, it would be awesome to be able to create a new view (similar to the "My Requests" or "Requests I'm CC'd On" links) to display Features or Bugs that we are tracking for that customer.

  • Martin Bennett

    Having the option to show custom fields on a customers activities screen is huge. For example, we have a field for 'RMA Status'. Our resellers, who have a lot of open tickets with us, need a quick way to see that field easily across all tickets. But currently they have to open each ticket to see the status of RMAs. Not ideal

  • Jamie P

    We would really like to display extra information and, ideally, filter by custom fields.

    Our use case is that some end users (project managers) want to see tickets against milestones.

  • Austin Amador

    We would like to define which fields display when a user brings up a ticket in My Activities.

    We have custom fields for specific clients to create tickets, when we change the form for internal reassignment we don't want these clients to see fields other than their 'own'. 

  • Andrew Bone

    Would be great to edit the End Users requests view. But this looks like something Zendesk are either avoiding or denying is of use to end users. Pity since it has been requested fro such a long time.

  • Helle Buhl

    I have been adviced to adding my case / my need to be able to setup views for my customers. But I can see that this started in 2015. 

    The respons:

    It is something that has been requested, but the request volume hasn't been high enough to push it to the top of the feature improvement list. I would still advise adding your use case to this thread, but I cannot guarantee it will make it on to the product road map. 


    I'am sure, that a lot of Zendesk users require this change. So please add you cases to this thread.

  • Helle Buhl

    Another request from our customers.

    They would like to be able to see all open tickets in one view. I mean - not solved and closed tickets - but; pending, on hold and of course open tickets.

  • Nicolas Bergeron

    Adding also to this thread, just started to use Zendesk with my largest customer - they said it is a must have for them to have additional information for ticket they know are on hold on our end as we are working on a fix, i have that information on a custom field and i cannot expose it nicely this information in a single view... having to click individually on each ticket is a pain for them to get for example by when the issue will be fixed (as it may need a hot fix or a patch).

  • Jérémy Verbert

    Same situation here : our customers would greatly appreciate to be able to customize displayed columns on their view.

  • Jindrich Saur

    Excatly the same - our customers would greatly appreciate to be able to customize displayed columns on their view.

  • Shanaaz Akbar

    We are having a lot of issues and overhead updating our customers of details that are not available because we cannot configure the end user views in Zendesk. 

    This has been an open issue for 3 years now - 

    what is needed to bring this into the product


  • Adam Drumm

    +1 need to expand the abilities of the query


    At the very least using an array to search the status.


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