Incremental API -- pulling based on criteria



  • Brent

    Hi Taj,

    You are correct on that one - our documentation shows all of the things you can do with the Incremental Exports:

    As you can see, the only options available for the incremental ticket export is specifying the timestamp and any sideloads. This means that you'd need to get all ticket information and then filter by the group with your code.

  • Taj Huque

    Actually, what I’m primarily concerned with now is getting real-time information on ticket changes.  Currently, we are using the Search API and passing a sinceDate parameter.  However with the Search API the search results are delayed – they only appear in the search results a few minutes after the change is actually made. 

    We also looked at the Incremental Exports API, but that doesn’t let you search for anything earlier than 5 minutes (throws an error if you try), so we are in the same boat with Incremental API as with the Search API.  That is, we cannot get to the changes in real-time.  So far it doesn’t seem like there is a way to get that real-time, but please let me know if you know of a way to do that.  Thanks!!


  • Taj Huque

    I think we thought of a solution using the Incremental API.  If we have a date to pull  ZD changes that are more recent than that date, we can add 5 minutes to such a date and then pass that to the api.  Then in our program we can filter the results in memory based on the original date


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