Rich Text in Dynamic Content


  • Rim Hamdi


    Rich text for dynamic content would indeed be really useful, to avoid using markdowns. 

    Apparently a beta was launched last month for rich content within macros (see here), however this isn't helpful for multi-language support.

    Would be good to receive feedback...


  • Mayra Pacheco

    Hi Andre,

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking for here. Can you give me an example of what you're trying to accomplish?


  • Rim Hamdi

    Hi Mayra,

    I understood Andre referred to if you'd implement Rich content for DC edition someday. @Andre, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    As for the ticket and macro edition, it would consist of adding the formatting toolbar:


    within the DC creation/edit page.

    Any plan?


  • Andre C.

    That is correct Rim!

  • Mayra Pacheco

    Ah gotcha! You want to add rich text to the dynamic content manager. For some reason, my brain was only thinking about dynamic content in the ticket not in the admin workflow.

    We currently don't have this on our roadmap, but it is something we understand is a need as we transition other editor areas over to rich text.

  • Sylvain


    I fully agree with Andre.

    Rich text in dynamic content would be really usefull for multilanguage support.

  • Kay

    Hi Mayra,

    I really want to add my vote to this. I think the Dynamic Content should be multi-usable. At least it should be able to render HTML.

    Usecase 1

    A company displays a message in 14 different languages (with links) on both triggers and in the Help Center. With the current situation, they need to have two separate Dynamic Content items to manage this. Especially if these message are temporary this is very error prone.

    Usecase 2

    Render HTML content to keep triggers clean. Especially when it's heavy with HTML you would like to structure the part of the notification. In triggers you have to remove all line breaks in order to avoid a lot of empty space in the e-mail. In dynamic content you can keep the linebreaks.


    • When in a Dynamic Content item HTML is used in a trigger, HTML is not rendered
    • When in a Dynamic Content HTML is encapsulated with Liquid in a trigger, HTML is rendered
    • When in a Dynamic Content item HTML is used in a macro, HTML is rendered
    • When in a Dynamic Content item HTML is used in a macro, HTML is not rendered

    If necessary I am available for a quick screenshare to show you examples of this.


  • Dan Ross

    Yes please! 

    Kay is onto something, DC should be able to at least support HTML. It would make styling localized & branded notifications so much easier! 

    (Also, please please please do something about the DC search in the admin panel. It's possibly the worst search in Zendesk)

  • Rudolph

    Add another vote for Rich Text being enabled for Dynamic Content! The two features are currently incompatible. In fact, we recently enabled Rich Text (temporarily) and it broke our DC entries that used numbered lists. Instead of sending the numbered list of steps, the numbered list is simply removed, or random formatting characters are entered into the text field resulting in nonsense.

    Also I second Dan's comment about DC search. I believe I speak for all DC users when I say we'd like to be able to search DC by title, rather than by text within the DC entry.

  • Sylvain

    @ Rudolph,

    I don't know if it could help you waiting for an improvement. I noticed from my side that when I create a DC with Markdown inside (and rich content enable in ticket setings), when the macro is applied the text is not formated properly (Markdown is visible).

    The workaround I found (it's boring but so far I don't find another solution), is to disable Rich content and enable Markdown before I create the DC. Then once the DC and macro are created, I enable again Rich content. In this case and only in this case DC is formated as expected (ol, ul, image, link...)

    Hope it could help some of you.

  • Bernd Boente

    das ist lächerlich.

    Zeilenümbrüche funktionieren ja auch im Ticket und im Mailtemplate.

  • Mie Dohn

    @sylvain, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Is it possible for you to add a screen dump or maybe a screen cast? I really need to add a link to a dynamic content. 

    thank you in advance. 

  • Hope Notz

    Count me in! This would be an awesome feature! 

  • Jeremy Holmes

    I agree. We have been using DC for all of our macros and would love to see Rich Text and HTML both supported. 

  • Suhas Thakral

    Is it possible to use plain text instead of rich text in Macros without using Dyanmic content??

  • Mariliam

    We would absolutely LOVE this! We are [barely] supporting 10 languages and dynamic content is so cumbersome and an all-around mess.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing Mariliam!

    Could you provide some additional information on what sort of roadblocks you've run into without Rich Text in Dynamic Content?

  • Mario Valdes

    Any updates about this? It would be extremely helpful for my team to have rich text in the dynamic text feature.


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